Planning Application Record : WA/2007/2377

 LocationRecreation Ground, Old Haslemere Road, Haslemere GU27 2NN

 ProposalErection of a replacement clubhouse (revision of WA/2006/2680). (As amplified by letters dated 01/05/2008 and 13/06/2008 and plans received 17/06/2008.)
 Applicant CompanyHaslemere Lawn Tennis Club
 AgentPhillips Associates
 Received Date18/10/2007
 Valid Date28/10/2007
 Case Officer
 Site Visit03/01/2008
 WardHaslemere East & Grayswood
 Grid Ref490430   132403
 Decision Target 24/12/2007

 DecisionFull Permission
 Decision Date10/07/2008
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Summary of Responses

Latest date for comments: 14-DEC-07

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Consultees and Neighbours Notified

Notified: The Owner / Occupier,5,Haslemere Preparatory School, The Heights,Hill Road,Haslemere,GU272JP
Notified: The Owner / Occupier,Coatham,Denbigh Road,Haslemere,GU273AP
Notified: The Owner / Occupier,Endahwin,Denbigh Road,Haslemere,GU273AP
Notified: The Owner / Occupier,September Lodge,Old Haslemere Road,Haslemere,GU272NN
Notified: The Owner / Occupier,White Pines,Denbigh Road,Haslemere,GU273AP
Notified: The Owner / Occupier,Windrose,Denbigh Road,Haslemere,GU273AP
The Owner / Occupier,11,Derby Road,Haslemere,GU27 1BS
The Owner / Occupier,11,Longdene Road,Haslemere,GU27 2PG
The Owner / Occupier,13,Pentlands,Kingswood Firs,Grayshott,GU26 6EU
The Owner / Occupier,14,Hill Court,Courts Hill Road,Haslemere,GU27 2NG
The Owner / Occupier,15,Church Road,Haslemere,GU27 1BJ
The Owner / Occupier,15,Church Road,Haslemere,GU27 1BJ
The Owner / Occupier,19 Bell Road,St Helena,Haslemere,Surrey
The Owner / Occupier,19,Lion Mead,Haslemere,GU271LF
The Owner / Occupier,1,Kemnal Park,Haslemere,GU272LF
The Owner / Occupier,1,Pipkins,Chilcrofts Road,Kingsley Green,Haslemere,GU273LS
The Owner / Occupier,20,Hill Road,Haslemere,GU27 2NH
The Owner / Occupier,22,Scotland Close,Haslemere,GU27 3AE
The Owner / Occupier,3 Hindmoor Manor,Hindhead Road,Hindhead,GU26 6AX
The Owner / Occupier,32,Stoatley Rise,Haslemere,GU271AG
The Owner / Occupier,32,Stoatley Rise,Haslemere,GU271AG
The Owner / Occupier,32,Weysprings,Haslemere,GU27 1DE
The Owner / Occupier,4,Willow Close,Liphook,GU30 7HX
The Owner / Occupier,50,Weysprings,Haslemere,GU27 1DE
The Owner / Occupier,57,Tanglewood,Fairview Road,Headley Down,GU35 8HQ
The Owner / Occupier,5,Rozeldene,Hindhead,GU266TW
The Owner / Occupier,5,The Willows,Chiddingfold,GU8 4PZ
The Owner / Occupier,6 Sicklemill,Sturt Road,Haslemere,GU27 3RZ
The Owner / Occupier,62,Marley Combe Road,Haslemere,GU27 3SW
The Owner / Occupier,69,Lower Road,Grayswood,GU27 2DR
The Owner / Occupier,6,Tennysons Ridge,Haslemere,GU27 3SY
The Owner / Occupier,8 Come Common Cottages,Woodside Road,Chiddingfold,GU8 4QR
The Owner / Occupier,8,Yewens,Chiddingfold,GU8 4SD
The Owner / Occupier,9,Canada Way,Liphook,GU30 7TD
The Owner / Occupier,Beyond Performance Ltd
The Owner / Occupier,Bridge Cottage,Haslemere Road,Liphook,GU30 7LG
The Owner / Occupier,Churchgields,2 Struan Cottages,Witley,Surrey,GU8 5PP
The Owner / Occupier,Clammer Hill Old Barn,Clammer Hil Road,Grayswood,Haslemere,GU27 2DZ
The Owner / Occupier,Cleeve,Wood Road,Hindhead,GU26 6PX
The Owner / Occupier,Crossways,Kemnal Park,Haslemere,GU27 2LF
The Owner / Occupier,Dene Meadrow,Midhurst Road,Haslemere,GU27 3AA
The Owner / Occupier,Dunster,Kemnal Park,Haslemere,GU27 2LF
The Owner / Occupier,East Acre,Hatch Lane,Liss,GU33 7NJ
The Owner / Occupier,Elmleigh Cottage,The Street,Plaistow Road,RH14 0PT
The Owner / Occupier,Farnham Lane House,Farnham Lane,Haslemere,GU27 1EU
The Owner / Occupier,Friends,Bunch Lane,Haslemere
The Owner / Occupier,Grayswood Beeches,Highercombe Road,Haslemere,GU27 2LH
The Owner / Occupier,Greensands,Farnham Lane,Haslemere,GU27 1HD
The Owner / Occupier,Guyhirn,Chase Lane,Haslemere,GU27 3AG
The Owner / Occupier,Hammercombe,Hill Road,Haslemere,GU27 2NH
The Owner / Occupier,Haslemere Bowling Club, Recreation Ground,Old Haslemere Road,Haslemere,Surrey
The Owner / Occupier,Haslemere Cricket Club, Recreation Ground,Old Haslemere Road,Haslemere,Surrey
The Owner / Occupier,Haslemere,1 Park Road,Surrey,GU27 2NJ
The Owner / Occupier,Haste Hill,Wivcum,Haslemere,Surrey,GU27 2HA
The Owner / Occupier,Hatherleigh,Old Haslemere Road,Haslemere,GU27 2NN
The Owner / Occupier,High Coombe House,Haslemere,GU27 1ET
The Owner / Occupier,Highfield,Park Road,Haslemere,GU27 2NJ
The Owner / Occupier,Hill Farm Cottage,Clammer Hill,Grayswood,GU27 2DZ
The Owner / Occupier,Holdfast Lane,Mystole,Haslemere,Surrey,GU27 2EY
The Owner / Occupier,Honeyhanger,2,Hindhead Road,Hindhead,SURREY
The Owner / Occupier,Keepers Farm,Fernden Lane,Haslemere,GU27 3LB
The Owner / Occupier,Keffolds Cottage,Bunch Lane,Haslemere,GU27 1AJ
The Owner / Occupier,Lime Tree Lodge,Marley Common,West Sussex,GU27 3PU
The Owner / Occupier,Linchmere Road,Beechview,Haslemere,Surrey,GU27 3QF
The Owner / Occupier,Little Brookhurst,Lugshall,Petworth
The Owner / Occupier,Little Marley,Marley Common,Haslemere
The Owner / Occupier,Lydford,Scotland Lane,Haslemere,GU273AR
The Owner / Occupier,Lydon Lodge,Glen Road,Grayshott,GU26 6NF
The Owner / Occupier,Lyon Lodge,Sport Haslemere,Glen Road,Grayshott,Hindhead,GU26 6NF
The Owner / Occupier,Malabar,Holdfast Lane,Haslemere,GU27 2EY
The Owner / Occupier,Malabar,Holdfast Lane,Haslemere,GU272EY
The Owner / Occupier,Marley Lodge,Marley Heights,Haslemere,GU27 3LU
The Owner / Occupier,Oaklee,Park Road,Haslemere,GU27 2NL
The Owner / Occupier,Sideways Cottage,Conford,Liphook,GU30 7QW
The Owner / Occupier,Southernwood,Denbigh Road,Haslemere,GU27 3AP
The Owner / Occupier,Springfield,Hollycombe,Liphook,GU30 7LR
The Owner / Occupier,The Heights,Haslemere Preparatory School,Hill Road,Haslemere,Surrey,GU27 2JP
The Owner / Occupier,The High House,Marley Heights,Haslemere
The Owner / Occupier,The Lodge,Park Lane,Brook,GU8 5LA
The Owner / Occupier,Uplands,Old Haslemere Road,Haslemere,GU27 2NN
The Owner / Occupier,Warren Cottage,Streels Lane,Ebernoe,GU28 9LD
The Owner / Occupier,Waverley Borough Council,The Burys,Godalming,GU7 1HR
The Owner / Occupier,Westlands,Longmoor Road,Liphook,GU30 7PJ
The Owner / Occupier,White Beech Lane,White Beech Cottage,Chiddingfold,Surrey,GU8 4XX
The Owner / Occupier,Woodland Chase,Tennysons Lane,Haslemere,GU27 3AF